Monday, September 03, 2007

A comment on Kid's post

This a commnet I wrote on the Kids Post and since I'm extra Lazy to write anything new on my post so I'll use this comment as my new post...:D

Hey Kid how r u? I have few points about your post and they r:

First my dear please don’t take as a refrence a couple of books and the saying of an ordinary person and then consider that u’ve done a solid research. Indeed Ali Alwardi is a great writer but yet his writings expresses his opinions rather than information that might be used as a refrence for a research since for a research u need solid data from which u can draw your own colclusions. Relying on on pieces of information from and ordinary Iraqi (not a specialized one) since that person may not be considered a reliable source of information.

Second, You talked about how Shia claims that they rely on logic but they actually not since they actually try to misguide others by the tales about how Imam Al-Hussien was murdered and to magnify that tragedy in order to make others sympathize with them and to think that since Imam Al-Hussien was murdered then he was right. Well let me propose this rather CRAZY idea: is it not possible that Imam Al-Hussien is not right because he was murdered but rather he was murdered because he was right? Well u may say that many villains were killed but that doesn’t mean that they were right BUT how many villains were decapitated and then there heads were draged to other countries (at least not according to Islam) and if u may say that this is a myth then u may just go to Egypt to make sure. Life is not as easy as u many people thinks some times u have to pay a high price for standing for what u believe in so u may find it hard to absorb that Imam Al-Husseien had suffered that much for it is unbareable to even to think of it but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. The fact that most Shia emphasize that tragedy is actually smart they r not trying to brain wash others but rather to remind them of the sacrafices and the pain of our leaders for fighting for what they believed, and as u may already know sorrow is hard to forget. It is just like if a guy died to save your life then u definitely won’t forget his sacrifice no matter after how long cause he sacrificed his life for u and that is why I think emphasizing the tragedies of Jesus Christ and Imam Al-Hussien is not an attempt to pressure but rather to remind us of what is important.

Third, it seems from your post that Shiasim is all about is “HATE”, to Abu Baker and Omar and Mauawya and Yazid and many more and u were missing the main idea. Why do u think Shia was named like that? It comes from the (شيعة اهل البيت) which means the followers of Prophet and his lawful descendant and when I say followers I mean that Shia follow commandment of the Prophet and his lawful descendants (the twelve Imam) and believe it or not most of Shia do know that the Imams r men and the fact that they r infallible is not pretty farfetched if u look at it with an open mind since if a person is born and raised on righteousness and with some help and guidance from God being infallible is not as impossible as people nowadays may picture it. As u may look at how they lived and what r their commandments u may never find something that against what is written in the holy Quran and the commandments of the Prophet so Shiasim is not about hating everyone save the Imams but rather it is about following their commandments and trying to live like them so the “foundation” for the Shia doctrine is how to obey the will of God and to follow the commandments of the Prophet and the Imams after him and the tragedies of Al-Zahraa and Imam Al-Hussein works just as a reminders that our survival till now is the result of great sacrifices made by great people and it is true that these tragedies r very important since these tragedies hold the persons feet firmly on the path he’s walking and giving him an extra push for him to move along.

Fourth, I quite agree with u that many people have forgotten why Imam Al-Hussein was killed and only focused on the fact that he was killed and that is all and that is a terrible thing to do since it is very essential to keep the memory of Imam Al-Hussein alive but the same importance goes to remembering why he was killed and what was he fighting for so it is more important to keep in our minds how Imam Al-Hussein lived than how he died so “Hussein's commemoration” is important in reminding us of that.

Thank u Kid for your post and I apologize for the long comment and I hope that u don’t mind that I’ve put it in my blog as a post since I’m to lazy to write anything new. Take care and may God bless u…