Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Brain: necessary or accessory

Actually that is a big question that we have never thought of (at least not all of us) although it is a question that may define the human beings that we pretend to be. so if it is that important why haven't we asked that question to ourselves? the answer for that is simple and anyone can answer it "The human brain is necessary and we all know that so there is no need to even think about it" and because of such answers I disagree and say "the Human brain is an accessory" and I have all the evidences for that starting with the exact answer above that many people may actually give.

Evidence #1:
the exact phrase "The human brain is necessary and we all know that so there is no need to even think about it" and since in the end of that phrase it was said "there is no need to think about it" and since the tool for us to think is our brain then by saying that there is no need to think about something then it means that there is no need to use our brain then it is an the defence may argue that is one question so it doesn't mean that I can define the brain as an accessory according to it only, well by asking that question it proves my case not deny it since I've said that-and if I may quote from my self- "that is a big question" and later on "a question that may define the human beings that we pretend to be" so according to that it proves the ignorance of knowing when to think and when to not so the human brain is an accessory and thank u...

Evidence #2:
how many times during the day do people actually use there brains? (let's count them out)

  1. U wake up in the morning (let's say at 7) so u do the systematic procedure (bathroom, clothes, breakfast or may be just coffee and then u take the train, bus what ever to go to work (there is absolutely no brain activity in here).

  2. U reach ur work place and except for the first days at the Job in which u r sharp and always thinking not to screw up, the days afterward it will be just a loop of the exact procedure that needs no brain activity.

  3. U r back at home so u either sit in front of the TV or the PC and doing nothing just numbing and waiting the time to pass (unless that u have some useful activity like sports or something then u'll be obliged to use ur brain a little bit) and u may go out with some friends trying to have fun and believe me that require no brain activity at all since the real fun is when ur brain is shut :D

  4. it is night now so if u have company u'll do some more activities that also require no brain activity ...:D and then u go to bed.

It is obvious that less that 1% of the human brain is used in daily life and that is more than sufficient for the survival of the human race and this is another proof that the human brain is an accessory.

Evidence #3:

Generalizing things around us is the most obvious evidence because when we generalize it is due to lack of brain activity because we don't want to look into things in details to distinguish between things that seems alike but actually r not so we generalize them as in the same category, let's say that there is this group of people who r really a pain in the ass they bother everyone and cause troubles all around and it happens that a lot of them pretend to know how to drive camels so does that make all camel drivers belong to that group even if actually those guys know nothing about camel driving? but due to the fact that the human brain is an accessory so we r obliged to put them in the same category and that example is applied for variable situations.

Evidence #4:

The forth evidence is about " how much do we believe in God" a lot of people may say "we do believe in God" but that is not the question in hand but it is how much do u believe in God do we believe enough and for those people who said that they believed in God do they really?, do they seek God in their daily life or only when they need something and even so do they really believe that God will grant them their wishes or they just ask cause there is nothing better to do, so after all the evidences on earth of the greatness of God we rarely seek God in our life so will a person with a brain as an essential organ do such thing and not to think of the creations of God and the miracle of our existence for even few minutes in his entire life and that is a huge thing to think about and that is just another evidence of how the human brain is an accessory.

There is a lot more evidences for my case but I am too lazy to mention them so it is another evidence of my case since it is a very important matter yet I'm too lazy to do any more.... :D

After all these evidences and by relying on the little capabilities that the human brain should have, I end my case and have a nice day...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In the name of God the beneficent the merciful

Once a simple Guy(Bedouins) was asked why do u believe in God and how do u know that God does exist? so that guy -who wasn't that deep in religion and has no education not so ever- answer simply "when u see a camel droppings it'll indicate that there was a camel here, when u see a foot mark in the sand it'll indicate that there was someone walking here, so all what u see around u from the sky,earth,trees,animals and all what was created perfectly in this world doesn't indicate that there is but one God and that is Allah?"

U see that simple Bedouin answered a question that a lot of people are asking with his simple terms that he was able to come with according to the way he lives and the things around him without returning to any book or anything he just said what he did think and believe and actually he makes sense more than a lot of explanations I've heard, it is simple, understandable, reasonable and actually true since u see if u look around u anywhere u'll find that everything was created perfectly that can't possibly be due to random events, the earth has been circling around the sun along with other planets since thousands of years without colliding, all the fascinating physical rules that hold the universe, the marvel the human body is all that and more and more of the miracles of God don't they indicate something to the human brain?

People have forgot about many things and started to take things for granted in their life they take it for granted that they'll wake up everyday in the morning, they'll have food on the table, they'll continue breathing indefinitely and they think that everything will be fine if u plan for ur future and choose the right choices in ur life and it has nothing to do with God or anything that we can't perceive then one day u get in a real trouble which no one can help u with and everyone have just abandoned u and suddenly u remember "Oh there is some one that I have not turned to yet" what u know u've remembered that u have a God that had created u and that u can turn to in the worst situations and u know deep inside that no one would help u but him and then u go "Please God help me just this time I promise that I'll be good and I'll never forget what u have done to me Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease" and there u go after the things is alright with u and all ur troubles r gone away u forget everything about God and u say "it has nothing to do with God I worked hard and I managed to survive all the credit is only conferred to me"
and then u go with the same procedure on and on till one day all is lost and u'll start regretting "only if I had done this or that, only if I hadn't forgotten or pretended to have forgotten".

Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Ramadan to all

Happy Ramadan to all and may God lay his blessing on u all and may all ur wishes come true...

As happy as I am for the beginning of Ramadan (Ramadan is a holy month for the Muslims) I'm sorry to tell u that the main theme for my blog will be changed for this month only (I know that this is a devastating news for the millions or billions and even more cause the last time I checked there was a comment from an Alien life form) so the main theme for this month will be religion oriented, it won't be like the religion only stuff but more like a religion related stuff to help understanding some issues and by the way don't think that I'm one of those hot headed, stiff, with beard eight feet long (Actually I some times grow a beard but that is due to my laziness for not shaving no less no more), actually I barely made it through religious stuff and I might be the worst person to talk about it so I'll keep it simple and reasonable and I won't go too deep for my sake only, then why am I doing it? it is simple as I've said in the header I'm a kinda selfish person and to benefit myself is essential to me and as I've known lately by doing what I'm about to do it will score for me good, so I wasn't able to resist the temptation to do something good in my life for at least once so that if I get whacked (and that is very likely to be happening in Iraq) I'll get something to rely on up there, sorry for the people that may find that inconvenient or silly but it seems pretty convenient to me and that is fairly enough...
I hope that u'll enjoy these posts and will be open minded enough to scrutinize before passing judgments and I hope that u'll see that these posts as far from radical and accusing as it can possibly be and may God bless u all...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Slight deviation in course

Hi this is ur pilot speaking and I'm sorry to tell u that there will be a slight deviation in the course of this blog for personal purposes only and there is no one what so ever benefiting from it but me so enjoy ur flight and have a nice day....

Monday, September 18, 2006


Truthfulness, sincerity, veracity, chastity, fairness, straightforwardness of conduct and adherence to the facts... theses r some of the synonyms of honesty...

Now the real question is what is the meaning of being honest, when should we be honest? , what do we get from all that honesty since we all know that lying has become a part of our lives that we can't invalidate since we preform lying in our day life on regular basis and there r some jobs that lying is the essence of that job and being honest is like losing that job and may be all jobs - it is like ur boss who is a typical ass pass by u and u have to greet him and complement him gently even if u hate his guts- so from all that it seams that being honest is noxious more that being beneficial to one-self so why to bother if that is right?!

Honesty is the human quality of communicating and acting truthful and with fairness, as best one is able. It is related to truth as a value. This includes listening, reasoning and any action in the human repertoire — as well as speaking.
Thanissaro Bhikkhu taught: “Real honesty is being honest about what your possibilities are, what your potentials are. That’s where true honesty lies. It stretches us. It’s not simply admitting where we are - that’s a beginning step, it’s not the end step. So be honest about where you are but also be honest about what your possibilities are. That keeps the challenge of the path always before us"

The answer for the second question about when is the right time to be honest is at all time u should be honest with ur self so know what u want to do and why u want to do it and don't make execuses to mislead ur true intentions just be honest to ur self cause if u can't do that then u won't be able to be honest to anyone else so to urself u havr to be honest at all time with no exceptions and with others as the meaning of honesty implies that u have to be honest as best as one is able and as long u r honest to urself u'll know when...

The answer for the third question is manifested when u think about the following situations:
  • u r going to buy a car or may be a used car what is the first and may be the only thing u can think about when u meet the car salesman?
  • u've lost something important somewhere and u went looking for it and asking people questions and there was this person that obviously dislikes u is in the scene what is the one idea that will haunt u all the time?
I bet that the one thought at these situations is "I bet he is lying to me" and that might be right at most of the cases cause lying is simple and beneficial for that person in that situation but even if he isn't lying u'll keep thinking that he is to over protect ur self so u'll think that all people that u r not very familiar with r not telling the whole truth so to be careful not to be deceived and that is the way all people go over all the details of a piece of information that was given to them to determine whether it is the truth or not and that how the world has besome because we think that lying is simple.

Imagine with me the following:
people r all honest to each other and when u ask someone something u'll get the true answer from him no matter what and u'll have absolutely no doubt about it, how will the world go now when everyone trusts everyone? u'll say what is he talking about it is just a childish dream that will never come true!... well I can't deny that but how can we be sure if we don't try and let's start simple by everyone of us trying to be honest as possible and as they say in an old saying in my country "Start with ur self" and u'll see that u r going to affect all the people that u interact with even if it is very small effect and when they see that u r committed to honesty they'll start thinking about their-selves and that will be just the begining...

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Veneration, reverence, esteem, regard, all these words represent respect if u look it up in the dictionary but what does it mean to respect and what does it mean to be respected and what will come from all that? and why do they say that u have t respect ur self in order to be respected by others?... these r questions that might cross the persons mind when thinking of respect.

Respect is to to feel or show deferential regard for someone, something, some behavior...etc. so it is like that there is someone u admire and honour whether for his position, behaviour, ethics, or for a good deed that he had done. Respect is showing admiration and regards, not just showing since that the respect does exist at all time else it won't be considered respect but more like fear or blandish and that is far away than respect, the feeling of respect does not come from the must to show respect but more like from the need to show respect.

The feeling of being respected is rather a wonderful feeling it is very nice to feel that there is some one that admires u and look up to but that is a burden more than being a good feeling since if someone respects u for who u r or what u've done u have to maintain that reputation to be worthy of respect and believe me that is very important, Imagine with me a little kid (that kid could be u, me or anybody) that admires and respects someone (a super hero, a movie star,one of his family...etc) and one day he finds out that this person is not at all worthy of respect, imagine the level of devastation that this kid will suffer to love and respect someone for so long only to find out that he is some lowly snide and this is not applicable for kids only it is the same for adults and that is why to manitan that respect is much more important task than getting that respect in the first place.
The last question is the most important one since we always hear that phrase "U have to respect ur self inorder to be respected by others" so how do I respect my self and how in the world the people r going to notice that and respect me? to answer that u have to think a little in a basic way, what does attract u in a person that u admire and why do u admire him? I'm sure that u'll find out that in addition to many qualities that make u admire him a great share belongs to the fact that he is self confident about himself and what he do when he is doing the right thing (for more info refer to the previous post entitled " Rectitude") in other words that he respects himself and his act and that is the answer for the question since when u respect ur self and ignore the others when u r doing the right thing since it is ur opinion that matters not what other people think and with that comes another responsibilty that u have to be 200% sure that u r on the right way since it can be very tricky but if u r then have pride on what u do.

We've talked till now about the respect that u have to some one u admire but what about the people that u don't know? the simple answer to that is to respect everybody unless u find out that they r not worthy of respect cause all people have qualities that is worthy of respect and because u don't see them doesn't mean they don't exist so in order to live in a world of respect we have to apply this rule any where and at any time...

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Benevolence characterizes the true goodness of the mind, the unbiased kindness to do good. It confers thought and regard for the welfare of other people, and finds expression in sympathy and kindly gentleness and compassion, with charitableness and kindness.
Those who lack benevolence have little, if any, thought or regard for others, and a tendency to help oneself, in neglect of others.

That was a typical text book definition for Benevolence and we can put it in simpler words and say benevolence is to love people and be kind to them in a gentle and compassionate way and when I say people I mean all people and in other words all living creatures.
Now the big question pops why should I love all living creatures? What r they to me? And if I love all people that means I would love even the person that is trying to kill me and those who hates me and that is definitely has no meaning !?...
To answer the first and the second questions just close your eyes for a minute and Imagine this scene with me "you r walking in the street and few feet in front of you there is a lady with her two children one she is carrying and the other is walking by her side, suddenly an Ice cream seller car passed by and the walking child start running towards it and was trying to cross the street so he came running towards you and the street was full of cars and his mother screaming....Now Imagine with me these two situations:
a-The child ran towards you and you said it isn't my business and walked your way and then you heard a scream and turned around and the child was hit by a car after that u went on your way saying "it is all his mother's fault she should have hold him with her hand, that poor stupid kid".
now open your eyes and think of how you are feeling now.
b-now for the same scenario just imagine that when the kid ran towards you, you caught him by his hand and said to him "hey be careful now the street is full of cars" and then his mother came in haste towards you and thanked you for your kind action and that you saved her child's life.
now open your eyes and think of how you are feeling now.
If the feeling is the same for you then I can do nothing to help you, for ordinary humans there should be a great difference between the two situations and that is because we have the quality of benevolence inside all of us and even if you say "no I don't have that" but deep inside you can still feel the need to be the good benevolent person even if the accumulations of the bad experiences you've had in your life forbid you of that feeling but believe me it is there deep inside your soul.
The answer for the last question is "WHY NOT" even if the person hates you -that is not enough reason for you to hate him back- he may has a reason to hate you and that reason might be because of a misunderstanding or it is out of jealousy and many other reasons that may make no sense at all but they do make sense to that person so you shouldn't hate him for that but rather pity him for such a shallow perspective and that means at the same time that you should cleanse your-self of such feeling at first before applying them on other people.
All that I'm going to say now is that you should try to love everyone and I know it is not simple with so many people done so many bad and evil things but always remember that hate brings no good at all and only by love and benevolence this world may has a chance and as once said "The bravest are the tenderest, the loving are the daring" so if you don't know love then you've known nothing of this world...