Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Death is the end of our mortal life; it is when our internal organs seize to function and that is when we die…

It is a fixed fact that all mortal tend to die and that death is inevitable for all mortals and that u can’t escape death nor delay it when your time would come and that is that. So after all that I started to wonder why do we fear death? If u can’t escape it and no matter what your life will end with death whether u like it or not then why do we fear something that whether u r afraid of it or not it will come? Some times we even not talk about death as if death would hear its name it will come. I guess the reason of all that is the lack of knowledge of the true meaning of death…

If we take a look at death from a different perspective we might find it to be something not ominous at all it is simply an ordinary phase of our life think of your life and death as a beautiful flower that was raised till the day it blossoms as a beautiful flower and then it will wither and die (I like to resemble life with a Sakura blossom) u can never forbid a flower from withering but the picture of the flower blooming in its prime would stick in your memory for ever and that is exactly how life and death is, u can’t gain immortality nor u can prolong your life more than God has given u and the only thing that is left is for u to ensure that your life has blossomed in a way that would be remembered by others and in an honorable way that u would be proud of.

On of the reasons of our fear to death is the concept of life after death since the great connection and I believe greatly in the concept (or most suitably the fact) of life after death and for those who don’t I have only one thing to say, “Big surprise is waiting for u”. Life after death has a great effect of our fear for death since one of the big reasons that we may fear death for is our fear to the outcome of our life (whether we were good or bad) and how we’ll be judged accordingly.

Other reason is that we fear death because of our need to fulfill a specific duty for us in this life and we fear death before fulfilling that duty or reaching that aim for us in this life and actually I found this very respectable and I want to point on something and it is the fact that if u die for the sake of reaching your goal and your life ends before u do that is just more respectable. One of the examples of this is of someone fearing death for the sake of someone dear to him since whether we like it or not death is always the cause of grieve for the love ones but the idea of seeking immortality for the sake of your loved ones is kinda stupid cause u’ll get to see all your loved ones die before your eyes and that is more painful for the heart than anything in the world.
In the end all I can say that we should fear death not since death is an inevitable thing u may fear it as long as u want and that will not change the fact that we all die so the only thing we can do about it is to eliminate the reasons that keep us afraid of death we should live our lives to the fullest and never forget what is important to us and what we aim for in our lives and to always do what is right to avoid the punishment afterward. Life is too short and there is no time for fooling around and as one of the great samurai once said
“Wake up with the idea of death in your mind in the morning and refresh your self with it in the evening”

P.S. since I'm currently surrounded by all means of death I should give it a quite amount of thinking so if anything should happen to me I hereby transfer the property of this blog to my friend and brother Anarki and he has full authority to do anything he desires with it and may God bless us all...

Monday, February 12, 2007


Hey check out this post by Forest Acre Whispers it is really a good post about Seppuku and thank u....ja matta