Tuesday, January 30, 2007

the 10th of Muharam

I was assembling the information for the next post about the great Miyamoto Musashi sama when I overheard a conversation between my parents about the weather (Yesterday we had a terrible sand storm) and they were discussing how come that every year on the same exact day the weather get crazy and that made me take a pause for a second and I decided something “Kumineh Musashi sama ur post should be postponed”…
Now back to the subject what is so special about this exact day well actually it is the 9th of Muharam (first of the Arabic months) and anyone in Iraq knows what that means and why the 9th and the 10th of Muharam is special.
The 10th of Muharam is the day that Al-Hussein was murdered, he was a great man that we r in dept for himand will remain forever since if it wasn’t for him the line that separate right from wrong would have been blurred so he chose to sacrifice himself and his kin to straighten the path of Islam for us to take and he protected Islam (the message that his grandfather prophet Mohammed held to humanity).
So in the end I just hope that Muslims will appreciate the sacrifice of A-Hussein and that they will work together to keep the name of Islam high putting aside all their differences and arguments.
عظم الله اجورنا و اجوركم باستشهاد الامام و نسأل الله الثبات على الدين و الولاية,يا ابا عبد الله ياليتنا كنا معكم فنفوز فوزا عظيما

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Demonic announcement

Attention all class B demons and below, the high console of Demonic affairs has decided that all demonic operation in Iraq to be suspended until further notice due to the fact that the actions that have been performed by humans in Iraq has surpassed those of our jurisdiction and this statement hold from this moment forth till stated other wise by the high consul of Demonic affairs and the consul will hold a meeting do discuss the possibility of sending a special trained unit in a trial to bring balance to the area since the humans have taken no active moves and for the sake of protecting the cattle (protect the humans from their-selves) so those who would like to join this unit submit ur applications at the Balance restoration office and for ur information the members of the unit will have the privilege of feasting on what they hunt.

Yours Demonically,
Class B high consul official Kitsune Kyubai Samma

P.S. The birthday of our beloved Queen Lilith is approaching so all Demons be advised to take the suitable preparation for the event (be careful not to repeat last year tragedy by offering low life sacrifices)...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

the truth about V-Experiment

After completing V-experiment here r the things that I’ve concluded:

  • The implementation of the virtues in our daily life is easy if u want to do it and the key word here is WANT TO
  • People of this world always wants u to act righteous when u r dealing with them and when it comes to their side of the deal they simply bale on ethics it is like saying “don’t lie to me” or “don’t cheat me” and from their side the lie and cheat.
  • You would be called crazy for suggesting such a thing as V-experiment and when u ask why they say it can’t be done in this time and that should make u think what part of implementing honorable virtues is related to a specific time?
  • You would be called unrealistic or in Iraqi (واحد فايخ) if u suggest to commit to a virtue and when u ask why the answer will be “in what world r u living can’t u see people getting killed every day and u talk to me about virtues” not realizing that in virtues lies solution for all our problems.
  • It is a human nature to try to be righteous (well not every human) but the lack of mind drove us to the wrong way of living, as an example let’s say that some child broke a vase in the house as soon as the parent hear the voice of the broken vase he/she will go straight to the child and ask him angrily “did u break the vase? “ as the child sees how angry his parent is he –in fear of the punishment- will simply lie and even if the parent knew that his child was lying he/ she will act in a way that won’t encourage the child of not lying again but rather to be more skillful with his lies another example that include adults let’s say that a certain man/woman is not satisfied with his/her partner for a certain fault in that person so he/she would cheat on his partner to satisfies his/her need rather than talking to his/her partner to solve that problem because his/her partner tends to overreact when being directed to small details on his/her personality that needs work on. And many more examples.
  • People with high level of confidence of their principals would find the idea of V-experiment quite interesting because such people can’t bare the idea of themselves living a dishonorable life even at the cost of some mortal achievements.
  • Being virtuous is pretty contagious specially when people see that u r very committed to what u believe in so it starts with jealousy and if that person has an open mind he’ll show the same level of commitment for what he believes in.
  • All these conclusions r personal opinions of me some might be right others might be wrong but the indisputable truth is that this experiment was an eye opener for me on things I haven’t perceived before and I’ve gained a new level of respect to the BUSHIDO.

In the end all I can say is what an Arabic poet once said
انما امم الاخلاق ما بقيت
فان هم ذهبت اخلاقهم ذهبوا
In English:

The nations of ethics and morals are no more

Their morals are gone and so did they

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm back (I guess)

I'm sorry if I kept anyone waiting (although I doubt there is someone dying for a new post from me) but due to the great circumstances in Iraq it is kinda difficult for me to be online and the solution is simple yet complicated for me anyway that is not the subject in hand let me give u the latest update of Kyubai:

* About V-experiment I went one with it and completed it (me and the few friends who accompanied me here in Iraq) so I'm sorry David and Anarki if u feel that u were left behind, u have the option of continuing on ur own if u like and I'll post the details of my weeks later-on.

* About my personal Info here is a brief confusing description:
* Now I'm trying to get a wireless Internet connection but it is simple -as u may think - I just need to go out by the antenna and the wireless LAN card and then get connected, well it is all easy except for the going out part since if I want to go to a decent computer shop I need two fake IDs and an armored vehicle so I think I'll pass for the time being.

Well that is all for now wish me luck and may God bless and protect us all...