Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some How "I'm still alive"

Greetings everybody sorry for not writing anything in such a long time but I have two reasons for that the first one (which is kinda lame) is that my internet line died for good and I was obliged to establish a new wireless connection and the second (which actually back up the first a bit) is that I was extremely busy finishing my graduation papers cause at first I thought that I would escape this hell whole (Iraq) but after all my plans failed to leave the country with some dignity so I'm busy now to find a job that is safe and may provide me with some experience and the search goes on and on.
Anyway I apologize for all the people that asked about me and I didn't reply them and thank u for ur concern.

In the end I just want to say Happy Eid everyone and may all ur wishes come true and since I'm at it ,Merry Christmas everyone and if it is not too much trouble I would really appreciate it if u may mention me in ur prayers and may God bless u all...