Friday, March 23, 2007


The following post is a survey that the next post will depend on. It contains simple questionnaire about an ordinary situation that has occurred to almost everyone of so I hope that u’ll be kind enough to spare some of your time and answer the questions given by pointing to the choice that u most likely to do in your ordinary life and I’m already thankful for your kindness…

You have a very important meeting with some officials (let’s say that your career depends on the outcome of this meeting) and it is a meeting that u definitely don’t want to mess up.

1.The meetings has been assigned three days from now so u will:

A- Focus only on the subject u r going to propose and make sure u r going to cove all points.
B- Try to collect information about the people u r going to meet up with their likings and dislikings week points and strong points.
C- After minor preparations for what u r going to say u decide that u’ll depend on your wit in this and see how things goes.

2.After doing all the required preparations for the meetings u found out that u have an extra five hours before the meetings so u will:

A-Sit back and relax may be get some sleep.
B-Perform a second check on what u r going to say and search thoroughly for pints that u may have missed.
C-Start thinking how things could get wrong and worry about that.

3.You r going to get dressed up for the meeting so u will:

A-Dress up casual in cloths that is comfortable for u.
B-Put on your fancy 10000$ suit.
C-Put on something neither too fancy nor informal.

4.Before the meeting u will:

A-Worry your ass off thinking of everything to go wrong.

B-Convince yourself that your request would be rejected in order not to be upset if it did.

C-Convince yourself that it is a peace of cake and that u know for sure that your request will be accepted.

5.You r now in the meeting room and the people u r going to meet haven’t shown up yet and u noticed that the chair u r going to sit on has a defect that made it lower than other chairs so u will:

A-Quickly change the chair before they enter the room.
B-U will pay no attention for such a trivial matter and focus on more important things.
C-U won’t risk being seen changing the chair so u’ll wait till they enter the room and when u sit u will point at the defect in your chair and u’ll change it then.

6.After an hour of tiring arguments they mention a week point in your proposal that u haven’t thought off so u will:

A-Acknowledge how sharp they r and tell them that it may have some week points but they overall benefits is satisfactory.
B-You’ll get confused and say that u haven’t thought of that.
C-You’ll act cool and point at another strong point in your proposal that is relevant to what they said then u tell them to think about it while u go to the bathroom where u r going to find a suitable answer for their question.

7.You think that your performance in the meeting is splendid yet they turn u down so u will:

A-Get upset and decide that u’ll quit this job since u suck at it.
B-You’ll study why u were turned down and make use of your errors and start again somewhere else.
C-You’ll say that there is nothing wrong with u and that there must be something wrong with the people in the meeting.

That is all folks and I hope that I didn’t bother u and please try to answer with what u think u’ll do not what is better to do since I’m not here to judge anyone and thank u again for your time and effort and may God bless us all…

P.S. for my blogger friends I'll be very grateful if u may spread the word cause I need at least 10 different surveys and thank u for your effort.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And then there were mating

Although it is out of ordinary for me to talk in such a subject but I found it to be very interesting both funny and sad at the same time so I have to talk about it and for people who may find it offensive I apologize…

The story goes like this:
I have a friend who is a newly wed (let’s call him M) and since we both live in Iraq so I haven’t seen him since about 2 months although we live in the same district (well that is normal in Iraq) so the other day I was on the phone with a mutual friend of us who lives next door to M so I asked about M and the guy told me that lately he has been very gloomy and get pissed of easily and although M used to be a joke master the guy told me that M has fought with another guy because of a joke so I was extremely surprised and he told me that M is always sitting at the shop near his house and that he has become an unpleasant person to be with.
After I hung out the phone I started to think about M and I though how marriage has changed him this much since he was a cheerful guy joking about everything even in his darkest moments so I decided to go to see him against all the advises of my family to stay home (as if I’m going to a battle field) so I went to his house and here is what happened.
I knocked the door and after a minute M showed up with his big smile and he ran toward the door and he gave me a worm welcome with his usual cheerful style so I was a bit surprised but I though he was polite to greet me after a long period so he invited me in and we sat down. He started joking about the situation in Iraq and we did some chitchat for a while and I though why did they say that he is gloomy he is pretty cheerful to me. So after finishing all the stuff we could talk about I couldn't’t stand not to ask him so I said “the other day I talked to one of our friends and he told me that u were in a terrible shape and actually he got me worried but I see that he was wrong”. M paused for a while and then thanked me for my concern and he said “I was like shit indeed but now no more” so I told him that I’m glad to hear that and I asked him for the reason and he simply answered “Because it is summer now”. Actually that was an unexpected answer cause almost all Iraqis hate our summer cause it is very hot that u won’t know what hits u (I don’t believe anyone would understand till he sees for himself) so I was like “and so? R u going somewhere this summer” and he answered “ no I’m just glad that summer has come” when M saw that I didn’t get the idea of him loving the summer all of the sudden so he kindly explained that for my simple mind.
“u know that I’ve been married for about four months now and that I got married in winter?” I told him that I knew that but yet I don’t get the idea so he explained more. “in winter there is no electricity and no gas so u can’t boil any water and for a married man not having hot water is the worst thing ever, don’t u think so?”
Only then it hit me and it did so hard that I kept laughing with him for about 10 minutes and here is a simpler version for those who didn’t get it yet:
For Muslims, a Muslim has to have a shower after each time he have sex with his wife and he can’t go to his prayers unless he do so and since we have fiver prayers then he have to shower before the time of the prayer is on.
So M has explained that since he got married he had that problem and every time he sees his wife he get upset knowing that she is out of his reach although they r married and he get angry and blame anyone and anything so now while it is summer he won’t think about boiling water anymore at least till next winter…
So after we made few jokes about that and how the absence of electricity and fuel is part of a country wide scheme for birth control in Iraq and as Red Forman in “That 70’s” show says “best birth control method is not to do it”….;D so I left my friend enjoying his summer and I wished him that there won’t be any new schemes ( no water is another obstacle) and I wished him and all the Iraqis a healthy life…

P.S. this is an actual story and the permission to publish this information has been acquired from the persons related to this event.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A comment on Kid's post

After reading a post on the Kid's blog I was obliged to say few words and one thing led to another and it has became a long comment that I've decided to publish it on my blog since I'm too lazy to write any new post and I really thank the Kid for his post cause I was unable to write anything about this subject cause I was too afraid that I would not be giving Imam Al-Hussein what he deserve but the Kid's post moved somthing inside me so thank u Kid again and here is my comment:
Nice post indeed but please don’t discuss things when u don’t have enough background on them u r very good in political analysis but when it comes to Shiite doctrine I’m sorry but u r very week if u have just heard the story of Imam Al-Hussein don’t try to analyze such an event politically and I’m saying that not carried away by the built up legend I admit that there r a lot of stuff added but u can’t say it is nothing but a myth it is a truth as much painful and great. U can’t say that Imam Hussein revolution is a revolution for Shiite only it had a great effect on all Islam, u may say “Wow, this is too much” but I tell u it isn’t at all the revolution of Imam Hussein was not a political revolution to get to the chair, why? I should answer with these undeniable facts:
First Moawya started the corruption of caliphate u may say that I’m being too prejudice but the unfortunate truth is that I’m not since have u heard in the time of Abu Baker, Omar, Othman or Imam Ali, of a caliph having a big castle or hundreds of slaves and having bacchanal everyday with dancing and wine? (if this is how the prince of the believers is then how would an ordinary believer be?) In the time of the first caliphs the caliph was in the service of Islam and the people, and after that the caliph was served by the people and he is higher than Islam and for that Imam Hussein has started his revolution nothing less and if it wasn’t for him who knows how Islam would have been.
Second if u may do a little search u may find that Moawya used to write poetry and if u search all his poems u’ll never find one verse praising Islam or the prophet and some of his poems r very shameless so does such kind of a person is fit to be caliph?
And the last is a document written by Moawya himself (and u can find that if u search historical documents) in which he is assigning Omar bin Al-3as as a ruler of Egypt in which he say “مصر طعمة مني ما حييت” and that means that Egypt is a gift from him as long as he is alive and is that a way of a righteous caliph to act? Acting as if the Muslims land belongs to him and he may give them to whom he likes.
Well no I may consider the part that u’ve said that people claims that Imam Al-Hussein knew his fate while he actually didn’t well I’m not going to argue with u about knowing the future or not (even I could do that) but let’s say that Al-Hussein didn’t know and he went to Iraq and then he was surrounded so if he was caught of guard then he could easily got off hock since we all know that the truth that Moawya lost the real battle so Al-Hussein was able to give up and accept Moawya as caliph and then no one can open his mouth and that will be the real victory to Moawya but although Al-Hussein knew that he was going to be killed and also all his followers and that the women of the house of the prophet will be taken as slaves but he didn’t because he was fighting not for himself or for the caliphate but rather for the glory of Islam and for what is right so he knew his fate and he did accept it even for cost of his life.
In the end all can I say is if u r about to write a delicate post like this one please don’t take it so lightly and if u want to compare someone to Saddam u’ll never find a fit more suitable than Moawya himself since a lot of people now glorify him.
Thank u Kid for your post and may God bless u…