Friday, June 15, 2007


Few weeks ago I was numbing in front of the TV and what u know I’ve heard something interesting (for me at least) it is about on of the ministers of Belgium and that minister was in Spain to give a lecture in on of the universities (as I remember) and on his way there he saw a child drowning in the river so he jumped in the water and saved the child. U may say and what is so special about that? Well first of all he is a minister of a country who saved a child in another country but the most interesting thing is that being a minister u must be surrounded by body guards so the fact that he acted on his own not asking any of his body guards to save the child well that is something big (at least in my opinion) what I really admired about him is not his bravery (and he is brave) or his kindness (and he is kind) but rather what he believes in, u may wonder “and how is the world do u know what he believes in?” and that is a fair question since I don’t know his name or even what minister he is (and I apologize for that) well it is quite obvious that he valued the human life very much to act with no hesitation not so ever to save the child since many people may say “I would have saved the child if I was there” and there is no doubt about it but to act at that specific time with determination and no hesitation at all is what really matters.

Well u might be wondering now what made me talk about such old news? Well as I’ve heard this news I realized how connected this incident with my previous post and I decided to write a post about that but due to the fact that my Internet connection went dead on me AGAIN so I’ve forgot that until this morning where I was in my bed looking at the window so I noticed a little spider just standing there so I didn’t give much attention to it but I was waiting for a fly that was bugging me to stand still some where in order to kill it and after a while the fly paused few centimeters away from the spider and as soon the fly landed the spider jumped on it I was like WOW so I came near to them in order to observe from closer view and the fly started to struggle but the spider hold its ground and started to rap his web around the fly and in few seconds he was dragging it to his place so I stood there amazed by the way the spider caught the fly since as far as I know spiders build webs and the insects falls in them and that is how they feed but to see a spider hunt and insect on the fly well that is new for me. I started to think about the spider and the fly for a while (yes indeed I have nothing else to do) and how the spider saw the fly and decided to attack in a split of a second so after I got over my crush on the mighty spider I remembered the news about the minister and the child that I’ve heard few weeks ago.

Now back to the subject at hand I won’t be explaining how can the spider act like that cause we r not in Animal planet episode about insects but I’d rather discuss the actions of the minister of Belgium since I think it is more relevant to the subject. Now what made his eminence the minister act like that and how can he act with no hesitation not so ever while it is a matter of high importance since his life would be on stake. What allowed him to act like that while he can simply order one of his bodyguards to do that task for him while he remains safe and sound why didn’t he thought of that or may be to send for help which will also ensure his safety? Well the answer for that is that he simply couldn’t afford to think about it while the life of the child is on the stake he did what he did without thinking for him it must be just a common sense, u see a child drowning then u have to save him it doesn’t matter weather u r a minister or a common citizen. He didn’t ask anyone to go for help because there was no time for thinking it was time for actions so apparently for him the life of the child is way more important than his and that he had agreed to that fact long time ago that when the time for testing his beliefs has come he did what he had to without any hesitation. I believe that a lot of people have experienced that not knowing how and why they’ve acted in certain situation and a very popular example of such people is parents so if u have experienced parenting then u already know what I’m talking about since for a parent (at least normal parents) the safety of their child is their top priority and that was planted in them the minute they saw their new born child’s face so if something happens that may endanger their child u’ll find them acting without hesitation moving in lighting speed to save their child.

It is apparent that believing in something and being committed to it to the outmost level makes people act dauntlessly and resolutely so how can we reach such a level of commitment to what we believe in that there will be no doubt in our minds not so ever? How can we assure that we won’t chicken up or hesitate in our actions?

I remember an old Japanese saying that goes like “when u walk just walk, when u sit just sit but what ever u do don’t wobble”. I’ve talked in my previous post about how we should determine the code that we live by in order to specify what is important to us and simply writing it down and trying to remember it all the time in order not to deviate from the path we decided to take but unfortunately just having your own bushido and writing it down is not enough since we have to absorb it in our mind and soul in order to carry own our bushido in our daily life no matter what, in our happiest hours and darkest ones with no compromises or delusions since it is dangerous to accept compromises in our principles and even more dangerous when we r deluded in our way of life. So we have to determine our bushido being truly honest to ourselves as an example if I say that making money is the most important thing to me of all, then I have to think it over for a bit making sure that it is what I said it is putting all other things in one side of the scale and putting making money in the other and see am I willing to sacrifice all the other things for the sake of making big money and if I found myself willing to do so then I should work with no hesitation to achieve my goal. So the most important thing is to be convinced of your bushido it is not something that u could borrow from someone it is your own unique bushido so if u r not convince 1000% of your decision then how can u expect to act accordingly with no hesitation.
In other words u have to be honest to yourself when u r about to determine your bushido since if u don’t do that there is no point in limiting yourself to a code to live by in the first place.