Tuesday, May 01, 2007


First I want to thank again the people that have participated in the survey and special thanks to Ridha Hameed a hard working gas containers delivery guy (I don’t mean that the other participants r not important but I promised him that his name will be on the Internet).

And now for what the survey is about, it is really something simple and it might be very simple that u may had never spent five minutes thinking of it and for some people it is something that they had settled upon ages ago and they r so convinced that it is the right thing and that no one can convince them otherwise so I say to those people “PLEASE just give me a chance and I assure u that the benefit will be all yours, u just have to be a little patient”.

If u had read my previous post u may find that I’ve mentioned that the situation that u have to imagine yourself in is the situation of having a business interview that is very important as it will make u or break u and I’m sure that u’ve been there or will be there someday. My point is that life is not fair and u may find yourself in a very serious situation, whether u like it or not, but the decision u would make then might be crucial for your future, your life or for what is really important to u and believe me u don’t want to mess that decision up. So the big question is how u make sure that u don’t?

An obvious answer for the previous question is “KNOWLEDGE” and that is quite true since knowledge is power and u do need to be powerful in life so through knowledge u may acquire the wisdom that may help u in your darkest situations but here another question rises “How do I acquire that knowledge?” and here another terms pops up and it is “LEARNING” since acquiring knowledge requires a great deal of learning, to learn about science, history, logic, art…etc. Another way of acquiring knowledge is from experiencing and learning from life itself and that is a process of a life time so u may live and learn from your mistakes and I assure u that eventually u will acquire a great amount of knowledge but I’m afraid it will be too late to benefit from that then.

Knowledge is very important yet acquiring it will require a great amount of time and a greater deal of effort and frankly many people don’t have enough of them both and another thing is that u may not have the time to acquire that knowledge and that the moment of truth would come when u r still making your first step along the long path of knowledge and it is a very branched path and that will add another burden of picking the right path and relating that to your way of living. So how in the world will we be able to secure ourselves against life? How can we be sure that we r not missing anything and that when the moment of truth has come u wouldn’t give it just your best but rather to give it your all in order to regret nothing and even if u fail to stand up for what is important to u (as I said life is unfair) u would be able to be in peace with yourself.

I guess this is too long to be an introduction so I’ve decided to make it a post of its own and I promise that part two will be coming soon…


David said...

Hi Kyubai, I'm not sure that I understand what you are trying to say. Have you experienced your moment of truth, or are you still waiting for it to happen? I guess that you may answer this in your next post.

Kyubai said...

Well it is just an introduction and not a quite good one indeed but I guess it is just a worm up for the real post which I’m afraid will take a while to finish.
About my moment of truth I’m afraid that it hasn’t come yet and I hope that when it comes I’ll be able to give it my all with no regret…

aNarki-13 said...

i think i understand the spirit behind the post, as you explained yourself: be ready for anything, anytime..
hmmm.. i dont know if i failed of passed, or how i was judged, i'll let time (and your post) tell me :)

oh and i believe life IS supposed to be unfair and HARD, i mean, if it was fair and easy, then why go to heaven, yes?

btw is it true about H and Boogie? i heard but i'm not sure if DeViL was being honest or just messing with me..

Ian said...

Hello, I'm an artist in America and am working on a project concerning the Iraqi experience during occupation. I'm primarily interested in Iraqi bloggers, mainly because of how incredible it is to be able to hear voices that deal with occupation on a daily basis, and to be able to hear it unfiltered and unedited. Your blog seemed really fantastic for the project. The current project I'm working on involves portraiture and selections from their blogs, which will be projected in public spaces and documented. I came across your blog and was interested in knowing if you would like to be a part of the project. All it would involve would be you taking a self portrait, and for you to select several quotes from your blog, which you would like to include in the project. You could choose to stay anonymous or have your name included in the project. If you do get back to me, I'll be able to mail you some photographic prints and send you digital copies of the full project. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the project, please let me know. I'd love to talk about your experiences in Iraq as well as my experiences with the war here in America. I hope to hear back soon, take care and be well.
-Ian Paul