Thursday, August 31, 2006


Courage has many meanings if you look it up in the dictionary such as: bravery, valor, guts, fortitude, fearlessness, prowess....All these words mean is used to describe courage and many other words that we use to describe some one who is courageous and he receive them all with pride and joy and that make us wonder why all this joy and happiness that someone feels when he is being described as courageous and what did he do to deserve it and did he deserve it at all?!
Courage is the quality that we describe by it an army leader who confronted a huge army with only few soldiers to defend something dear to them, a person who risked his life to save a child from drowning, a fireman that rushes into the burning house to save its inhabitants from being burned alive, .....And many other situations that we find ourselves saying "Oh how courageous" and for a split of a second we wish that we were in those people places but the biggest question is "will we react as they did in that situation?" I think that by this question we can really define courage.
Some may say that a man with no fear is a courageous man and only when a person fears nothing then we can say that he's got courage, well as charming it may seems it is absolutely WRONG, you may ask why? If you fear nothing then u may do whatever you want, you can lead an army of ten people against a thousand, you can jump into a lava river to save someone,...Etc.
and if those are not courageous then who in the world is? Well the point is you can never have no fear at all and if you do then you are as they say "a man with no fear is a man with no brain"and I don't mean that you should fear for yourself cause fearing death has never prolonged someone's life not even a day long, as they say "cherish your life but don't fear death" so now one may ask "then what is the world should I fear for then if I'm dead then everything ends there is no me anymore " before saying that you should ask yourself one thing have you ever loved and cherished something more than you life if you haven't then believe me you haven't lived not even a single day and that what you should fear for (your loved ones) and here u can define a new perspective for courage from a person saving a live of a dear one to a fireman risking his life for people whom he doesn't know.
So after all that I think it is safe to say that courage is not having no fear at all but rather confronting these fears in order to do what is right and what you believe in so it is to rush into the jaws of death for what you believe in and you should fear no death if for the right cause.


Anonymous said...

yes this is the typical Iraqi first they say don't fear death and the second thing u know they'll start recruiting death legions to fight for their so called "LIBERATION"....

Kyubai said...

Thank u for ur kind words and faith in ur fellow Human beings (since u know Iraqis r humans) and since u r my first comment then I'll ultimately polite when I say "would u like to join the death legion I'm creating there will be free soft drinks to all members and u can have the sunday off and for the first ten recruits u'll have a magnificent colorful hand bag so do it now and be a winner ", tell me what u think and the offer is limited tell the required amount is completed...

aNarki-13 said...


the guy up there has definitely got a bone to pick with us camel-drivers!

Good start, and good comment, Kyubai..
Please, whatever you do, Kyubai, try to avoid politics.. it DOES MAKE YOU VERY POPULAR, but it attracts some really strange people to you..

oh and anon:
indeed why fear death?
it IS inevitable, really it is! :D
(it sure as hell doesnt mean go join the death legions or something!)

death-legions.. reminds me of an olllllld WWF team called "Legion of Doom" :))

and then some!

Texas008 said...

Death is but a transition, a line drawn lightly in the sand with a small stick. Molecules vibrating at a diferent rate, but the same molecules, none the less.

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I have a couple of friends who think courage means getting into a stupid fight every time they go for drinks. They should read you more often.

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courage, something almost lost in this world, nobody obtain this for nothing, for some reason, something material, but the excess of this can turn you into fool.