Saturday, August 05, 2006

My first time (don't get me wrong)

Hi this is my first post ever so I hope that you'll like it and if not then what can I say since it is my first post then I better be polite and keep my moth shut.

I like to think that this post is dedicated to someone that is not me but if there is something that I've learned from all these years for living as human then let's say that not everything that you want is what you'll get and that not everything that I say is true (hey but don't think that I'm a big fat lair-at least not fat-) well I think we'll see about that.

what you should expect of this blog-spot that it will provide you with the following stuff:

  • Historical informations about some great people.
  • General and particular informations about various matial arts.
  • Some wisdom from the mouth of great Kyubai ( and most of it will be stupid)
  • I'll bore you with some of my great adventures in the Kyubai dream land.

Well I guess it will be a normal blog with some focus on Martial art and some dull remarks from the mouth of certified psycho so I hope you'll enjoy it and


and now since you've read this sentence you won'y be able to navigate away from my blog because I'm sure of my talents as a Jedi HA HA HA

have a nice time sitting infront of your PC waiting for someone to free you.....

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