Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In the name of God the beneficent the merciful

Once a simple Guy(Bedouins) was asked why do u believe in God and how do u know that God does exist? so that guy -who wasn't that deep in religion and has no education not so ever- answer simply "when u see a camel droppings it'll indicate that there was a camel here, when u see a foot mark in the sand it'll indicate that there was someone walking here, so all what u see around u from the sky,earth,trees,animals and all what was created perfectly in this world doesn't indicate that there is but one God and that is Allah?"

U see that simple Bedouin answered a question that a lot of people are asking with his simple terms that he was able to come with according to the way he lives and the things around him without returning to any book or anything he just said what he did think and believe and actually he makes sense more than a lot of explanations I've heard, it is simple, understandable, reasonable and actually true since u see if u look around u anywhere u'll find that everything was created perfectly that can't possibly be due to random events, the earth has been circling around the sun along with other planets since thousands of years without colliding, all the fascinating physical rules that hold the universe, the marvel the human body is all that and more and more of the miracles of God don't they indicate something to the human brain?

People have forgot about many things and started to take things for granted in their life they take it for granted that they'll wake up everyday in the morning, they'll have food on the table, they'll continue breathing indefinitely and they think that everything will be fine if u plan for ur future and choose the right choices in ur life and it has nothing to do with God or anything that we can't perceive then one day u get in a real trouble which no one can help u with and everyone have just abandoned u and suddenly u remember "Oh there is some one that I have not turned to yet" what u know u've remembered that u have a God that had created u and that u can turn to in the worst situations and u know deep inside that no one would help u but him and then u go "Please God help me just this time I promise that I'll be good and I'll never forget what u have done to me Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease" and there u go after the things is alright with u and all ur troubles r gone away u forget everything about God and u say "it has nothing to do with God I worked hard and I managed to survive all the credit is only conferred to me"
and then u go with the same procedure on and on till one day all is lost and u'll start regretting "only if I had done this or that, only if I hadn't forgotten or pretended to have forgotten".


aNarki-13 said...


Kyubai, many times i found myself looking at my hand, flexing the fingers and just moving it about my face..
and i wonder:
what kind of coordination is needed between the brain and the muscles in the hand to do this? how fast IS the brain to be able to handle hand-eye-nerve coordination?
the blood flowing inside, the billions of chemical reactions going inside my body at every single moment i am alive..

i dont care what some say, but, there IS REASON behind all this.

this didnt happen cuz one day a random event happened somewhere in the void..

what kind of random function is even needed to arrange for my hand being as it is, and also at the same time moving the countless galaxies?

it gets scary. and i doubt that we could ever fully understand it..

i guess, the easiest way is to imagine having a 8085 processor (that's OLD :D) trying to solve the design of the human mind who made it..

thank you, and sorry for making this too long!

Darin said...


It's funny that I found your blog entry by searching for "beneficent God" wondering if that's really a Biblical characteristic of God!