Thursday, September 07, 2006


Veneration, reverence, esteem, regard, all these words represent respect if u look it up in the dictionary but what does it mean to respect and what does it mean to be respected and what will come from all that? and why do they say that u have t respect ur self in order to be respected by others?... these r questions that might cross the persons mind when thinking of respect.

Respect is to to feel or show deferential regard for someone, something, some behavior...etc. so it is like that there is someone u admire and honour whether for his position, behaviour, ethics, or for a good deed that he had done. Respect is showing admiration and regards, not just showing since that the respect does exist at all time else it won't be considered respect but more like fear or blandish and that is far away than respect, the feeling of respect does not come from the must to show respect but more like from the need to show respect.

The feeling of being respected is rather a wonderful feeling it is very nice to feel that there is some one that admires u and look up to but that is a burden more than being a good feeling since if someone respects u for who u r or what u've done u have to maintain that reputation to be worthy of respect and believe me that is very important, Imagine with me a little kid (that kid could be u, me or anybody) that admires and respects someone (a super hero, a movie star,one of his family...etc) and one day he finds out that this person is not at all worthy of respect, imagine the level of devastation that this kid will suffer to love and respect someone for so long only to find out that he is some lowly snide and this is not applicable for kids only it is the same for adults and that is why to manitan that respect is much more important task than getting that respect in the first place.
The last question is the most important one since we always hear that phrase "U have to respect ur self inorder to be respected by others" so how do I respect my self and how in the world the people r going to notice that and respect me? to answer that u have to think a little in a basic way, what does attract u in a person that u admire and why do u admire him? I'm sure that u'll find out that in addition to many qualities that make u admire him a great share belongs to the fact that he is self confident about himself and what he do when he is doing the right thing (for more info refer to the previous post entitled " Rectitude") in other words that he respects himself and his act and that is the answer for the question since when u respect ur self and ignore the others when u r doing the right thing since it is ur opinion that matters not what other people think and with that comes another responsibilty that u have to be 200% sure that u r on the right way since it can be very tricky but if u r then have pride on what u do.

We've talked till now about the respect that u have to some one u admire but what about the people that u don't know? the simple answer to that is to respect everybody unless u find out that they r not worthy of respect cause all people have qualities that is worthy of respect and because u don't see them doesn't mean they don't exist so in order to live in a world of respect we have to apply this rule any where and at any time...

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