Saturday, October 28, 2006


Loyalty is faithfulness or a devotion to a person or cause, A feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection for a person or a cause...this is what u'll get by checking the dictionary.
The above might be a very good explanation of the word loyalty since loyalty is indeed being faithful and devoted to a person or a cause but as u look at it u begin to wonder where does that feeling come from? well the answer is :
  • Thankfulness

  • Respect

  • Devotion
Thankfulness develops into respect, respect develops into devotion. In order to develop loyalty, one needs a just person, someone who really cares for him and for others. Loyalty is action, not only thought.

In the period of Kamakura shogunate, Kamakura was the gathering place for all samurai,No matter what, when a samurai received the message "Isa Kamakura!" (at once to Kamakura!) he had to come there at any cost. This was a simple act of loyalty.

So loyalty can not be given or bought it can only be earned since no matter how much u fear, seek the acceptance of someone he can never earn ur loyalty unless u admire, respect, and appreciate that person and I also want to remind u that loyalty can not be only held to a person but in alot of cases loyalty is to be held to a cause or principle and that is what the Samurai code of Honour is all about.

So being loyal to a person or a cause arise from within the person's heart but to act according to loyalty is what's all about, for being loyal even in the cost of ur own life and here comes the big decision to make is ur loyalty to what u believe in more important or is it ur mortal life? some would say " Hey when u r dead u r dead, end of the story" well I can't think of something more wrongful than that in our case since if u r really loyal to what u believe in then dying to it is the most honorable death. It is not about being loyal but how r u devoted to the person u r loyal to and from here we can see how devoted the Samurai class were to the code of honor that they lived by that if they dishonor them-selves or their masters (that they r loyal to) they preform seppuku (the samurai act for suicide) and that is how loyal they where...

U see being loyal is being true to your-self and if u r not true to your-self then u r just living a big lie in which u r trying to avoid what really maters in this life and when the end draws near u'll only think in ur self if only I was loyal and faithful to (My family, my respectable ones, to GOD) but then it is too late for that, so all u have to do now is to determine ur principles and ur priorities and be loyal and devoted to them and determine what is really important and what is ur life is all about do it now since u can....


aNarki-13 said...

great post.

loyalty is above all, and it is the responsibility of the leader to reward that loyalty with what he/she see fit.

i greet you, otomodachi.

Laffy Taffy said...

Unless you're just being a kiss up dude, then ur just a cheat.
Good post or whatever.!