Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm back (I guess)

I'm sorry if I kept anyone waiting (although I doubt there is someone dying for a new post from me) but due to the great circumstances in Iraq it is kinda difficult for me to be online and the solution is simple yet complicated for me anyway that is not the subject in hand let me give u the latest update of Kyubai:

* About V-experiment I went one with it and completed it (me and the few friends who accompanied me here in Iraq) so I'm sorry David and Anarki if u feel that u were left behind, u have the option of continuing on ur own if u like and I'll post the details of my weeks later-on.

* About my personal Info here is a brief confusing description:
* Now I'm trying to get a wireless Internet connection but it is simple -as u may think - I just need to go out by the antenna and the wireless LAN card and then get connected, well it is all easy except for the going out part since if I want to go to a decent computer shop I need two fake IDs and an armored vehicle so I think I'll pass for the time being.

Well that is all for now wish me luck and may God bless and protect us all...


Michigander said...

HURRAY!!! A new post!

When are you going to offer your readers the option of sending you an email?


David said...

Hi Kyubai, I'm glad to see you back! :) Don't worry about leaving me behind. From what you said, your life in the past few weeks has been filled with sorrows. I send you my sincere condolances.

Most Americans take for granted the freedom to go out to any store and buy whatever they want if they have the money. For you, simply stepping outside your home can put your life in danger. I am so sorry that you and so many other Iraqis must live this way! I hope that somehow things will get better!

I wish you the best of luck! Please try to stay safe my friend.

Kyubai said...
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Kyubai said...

Michigander: thank u for ur comment and I assure u that being offline for that period was totally not my choice.
About the privilege of contacting me "KYUBAI SAMA" -Just kidding contacting me would be more like a curse that a privilege- u can contact me on my dummy e-mail ( ) and from there I'll direct u to my authentic e-mail, u might say why all the fuss who does he think he is but I assure u that such a procedure is important to me and to u and thank u.

David: thank u for ur kind feelings and I'm very sorry for sounding very cry baby like on the post but I was at a friends place and that what came to my mind while what I should write about my personal life was simply "I'm alive and kicking".

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hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!