Sunday, January 21, 2007

the truth about V-Experiment

After completing V-experiment here r the things that I’ve concluded:

  • The implementation of the virtues in our daily life is easy if u want to do it and the key word here is WANT TO
  • People of this world always wants u to act righteous when u r dealing with them and when it comes to their side of the deal they simply bale on ethics it is like saying “don’t lie to me” or “don’t cheat me” and from their side the lie and cheat.
  • You would be called crazy for suggesting such a thing as V-experiment and when u ask why they say it can’t be done in this time and that should make u think what part of implementing honorable virtues is related to a specific time?
  • You would be called unrealistic or in Iraqi (واحد فايخ) if u suggest to commit to a virtue and when u ask why the answer will be “in what world r u living can’t u see people getting killed every day and u talk to me about virtues” not realizing that in virtues lies solution for all our problems.
  • It is a human nature to try to be righteous (well not every human) but the lack of mind drove us to the wrong way of living, as an example let’s say that some child broke a vase in the house as soon as the parent hear the voice of the broken vase he/she will go straight to the child and ask him angrily “did u break the vase? “ as the child sees how angry his parent is he –in fear of the punishment- will simply lie and even if the parent knew that his child was lying he/ she will act in a way that won’t encourage the child of not lying again but rather to be more skillful with his lies another example that include adults let’s say that a certain man/woman is not satisfied with his/her partner for a certain fault in that person so he/she would cheat on his partner to satisfies his/her need rather than talking to his/her partner to solve that problem because his/her partner tends to overreact when being directed to small details on his/her personality that needs work on. And many more examples.
  • People with high level of confidence of their principals would find the idea of V-experiment quite interesting because such people can’t bare the idea of themselves living a dishonorable life even at the cost of some mortal achievements.
  • Being virtuous is pretty contagious specially when people see that u r very committed to what u believe in so it starts with jealousy and if that person has an open mind he’ll show the same level of commitment for what he believes in.
  • All these conclusions r personal opinions of me some might be right others might be wrong but the indisputable truth is that this experiment was an eye opener for me on things I haven’t perceived before and I’ve gained a new level of respect to the BUSHIDO.

In the end all I can say is what an Arabic poet once said
انما امم الاخلاق ما بقيت
فان هم ذهبت اخلاقهم ذهبوا
In English:

The nations of ethics and morals are no more

Their morals are gone and so did they


aNarki-13 said...

Congrats, i have to say that on my part, i kept experimenting with the previous virtues, either seperately or together..

also something i started doing on my own, Patience, as you know i have almost zero of that..its been moderately successful..

David said...

Kyubai, I think that your conclusions about virtuous behavior are quite reasonable for the most part.

No one wants to be lied to or cheated, however, I think that some people who do lie and cheat expect to be lied to and cheated by others. So, in their minds, their own lies and cheating are justifiable, like fighting fire with fire. Other dishonorable people know that most people are honorable, but they wish to take advantage of what they perceive as a vulnerability. I suppose that there are many reasons why people may act dishonorably, but it seems to me that it all comes back to selfish desires.

Your point about solving the problems in Iraq through virtuous behavior is so right and true. I wish that everyone there thought as you do!

I agree with you that the behavior of lying begins in the small child. No child wants to be punished, and so the cycle of dishonor begins. There should be nothing more valuable to a parent than their own child. Sadly though, many parents see their children as more of an inconvience than their greatest asset. Still, there is the occasional child that is given everything their heart desires and all the love and affection that parents can bestow, and yet that child grows up to be a lier, or worse. I wonder if some people are just born to lie?

May your path continue to be honorable and virtuous! I will endeavor the same.

Kyubai said...

Anarki: thank u for ur comment and I hope that u'll benefit from the virtues as I did...

David: I'm glad that u agree with me about most of my conclusions and I hope that other people would have enough in-sight to realize the solution for all the problems.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Nippon! Nippon!
:)Nippon is Utopia!

aNarki-13 said...

actually pentra, its not..
sadly, one of the most ethnically-predjudiced peoples on the globe are the japanese..

technologically, however, hell yeah, its THE place to be in.