Monday, February 12, 2007


Hey check out this post by Forest Acre Whispers it is really a good post about Seppuku and thank u....ja matta


ForestAcre said...

Thank you, Kyubai, for your kind words and for linking to my post.

Jamata. :)

aNarki-13 said...

Hi there KyuBei, check this out:
"At World's End"

thank you for your feelings, btw.

Konfused Kid said...


do you just hate me? it's like you're watching me for every little slip i make...

i think Shi'ism and Sunnism can never be united and they are quite different takes on Islam, but one can respect each other, which is evident if you read all my other stuff, which apparently you haven't.

Adios, V-Knight.

aNarki-13 said...

Grow up.

i've personally lived with Shi'a from Thawra/Sadr city, the kind of people most make fun of, under one roof, for 5 or 6 years of my life, and i consider them like brothers and sisters.
i went to their weddings and funerals and they came to mine.
i've been to Najaf and Karballa with them so many times, and they've come with me to Mosul.
i still write to them till this day.
we were different, but still the same.

i never expected to say this, having so little love to Iraq and Iraqis left, but
Grow up. be an IRAQI Konfused Kid, not just a Konfused one.

don't just go in diametrically-opposite direction from grandma ta'iffyah&co., because the earth is round, and you will surely end up in the same place.

if you want to continue this, come to my blog.

aNarki-13 said...

sorry for the interjection, KyuBei.

Kyubai said...

forestacre: do itashimashite (don't mention it) u wrote a good post and it deserve to be published.

Anarki: thank u for ur words and there is no need to apologize...

Kid: it is a hard question indeed "Do I hate u?" well there is nothing to be hated unless u know that u've done something to be hated for "did u?" and if u slipped in writing something (in which I did alot of times) may I introduce u to a facility in blogger that is called EDIT it will enable u to correct any mistake that could be done in ur post and thank u for ur comment...
and by the way thank u for mentioning V-Knight it was quite brilliant of u to figure that out I can't believe that I've been discovered I thought that my camouflage was perfect yet u've proven me wrong...

Konfused Kid said...


We're not talking people behavior, I am talking collective societies and how they think, whether you like it or not, today the Middle East is reconfigured along sectarain lines. Homogenous societies are being erected and it's hard to pretend like it's all the fault of the occupation, it's our fault. There are differences and we have to come to terms with them because, well, the 'unity' crap is just that, crap. We were never united and we will never ever be. That wasn't such a big deal back then cuz there wasn't any Islamic currents to deal with, but now it is, and they're in power, and everybody seems to listen to them - people like you and me, well, those kinda secular moderate nice g-rated people do nothing and as a consequence affect nothing.

I'm not really konfused anymore, as a matter of fact, i've never been confident of anything in my entire life as i am now. as for the fake sense of national identification, well, that is almost long in the garabage bin now friend.

Kyubai: If you were offended by that post, I am sorry. It wasn't a sectarain slant per se, I sometimes become too satricial sometimes when I write about anything in particular. I don't know if you were mocking me about how I blew your cover, but I'll assume you are the same nice guy as you are offline and just say well there are just about a handful of Iraqi people who eat at the Japanese restaurant at Mecca Mall.

Konfused Kid said...

Oh and 13,
All my best friends are Shiite, including two of them who are now killed - I wasn't preaching anything against coexistence, what's up with you? don't you read, I said 'we can respect each other'. where's your point by bringing all that Sadr thawra homeboy paragraph?

"Grow up."

Man, wake up.

aNarki-13 said...

:) sadly its 5 am and i'm still awake.

my paragraph was just a personal example how we are all the same.

Kid, why don't you realize that what you are saying is eerily sounding like an echo of the "separate but equal" policy that was applied on African Americans?

separating people on the basis of sect is just as stupid as separating on the basis of skin. Iraqi Atheist said that a while ago in his post about homosexuality, and darn me if it isn't sound.

what can we do?
Simple, you gave the answer yourself:
do as Ghandi and Martin Luther King jr. did.
he simply refused to accept the "wrong" thing.

don't accept the lesser of two evils.
and btw, they were my friends too. "E" came to college one year before you did.
God have mercy on us all.

aNarki-13 said...

the one paragraph that really ticks me is the classic: " friends are.."
this is in itself a divisive statement.

"..all my friends are shi'a"
"..all my friends are black"
"..most of my friends are jewish"
"..all my friends are sunni"
and so on and so forth.

This gives the implication of two distinct relationships

one of friendship
and one of sect.

which is stronger to you?

Kid, i dont ever think You thought of anyone along those lines when you befriended him/her.

Khalas! so why mention sect AT ALL?

Cheers Kid, told you to come over to my blog and continue there.

aNarki-13 said...

oh and japanese food rocks. Oishi needs to freshen up a little, otherwise all is good.

sorry again.

btw CroCop won his debut in UFC-67 in round 1 by TKO (referee stoppage due to punches)
haven't seen it yet. i doubt i will.

oh and Pettas Sensei fractured his left arm (yes) during New Year's K-1 DYNAMITE GP due to blocking kicks to the face.
(there's a guy who needs calcium. poor man)

Konfused Kid said...

There's no such thing as we're all the same, in that sense, we're just as similar as jews, as americans, as bla bla bla, but the differences between races and people are stuff of which the rules of the world are built upon. In this decade, sect will be important. People voted based on sect and nothing but sect, QED. We need a lot of time to change that. For the present, sectaranism is very real. I don't want it, but the first step to deal with it is to admit it.

Oh, and one last thing 13, why should I visit people who don't visit me?
Cheers and sorry Kyubia for abusing your blog

aNarki-13 said...

1. you're not admitting it exists, you are accepting it. there's a difference.
2. if i dont visit you, how come i know about that shi'ite heckler a few posts back who was all over you when you called sunni islam the "true way"?
you know: the guy who said it was nobody's business when asked if he was half-iranian.
i dont COMMENT, maybe perhaps because i dont like political talk, but i do visit. ask the Disgruntled Fan ;)

Cheers KyuBei.

aNarki-13 said...

point 2 above was first written as this:

"how come i know about that shi'ite heckler a few posts back who was all over you when you called sunni islam the true way"

that was it.
the "you know.." bit was added to it a bit after, which made my comment look it was giving TWO references to the same person, and turned the identifier-reference (the 1st, "Shi'ite") into a sectarian remark.

i apologize for everyone, if for anything, for my failure to check my words a few times before i post them.

Konfused Kid said...

Hmm...well that doesn't count as a visit in my book - i too check your blog whenever i am online, but commenting is a different thing.
As for the half-Iranian and me calling Sunni islam the true way, there is DEFINITELY no such thing, I never called Islam the true way and there wasn't any half-Iranian anywhere, you're confusing me with someone else.

Kyubai said...

I actually Anarki and Kid I'm very disappointed in u both my sol reason to my comment in Kid's blog is to try to make him understand that if u don't have sufficient info about something u should be more careful and I would have been more that satisfied if he just changed the sentence "Shitte religion " to Shitte doctrine" or something like that and here u r making a scene of all of this and that actually gives the answer why Iraq is moving backward so please u two focus on what is important and don't get messed up in useless quarrel and may God bless us all...

aNarki-13 said...

:) done!

found a reference to him HERE, and i'm too lazy to dredge up the actual post. this is the guy i'm talking about. i'm not konfused, nor disgruntled ;)

aNarki-13 said...

this is me officially apologizing and ending this discussion on my side. :)

aNarki-13 said...

KyuBei, sorry. for messing up this comment thread. and for getting carried away.
i am still lacking.
Patience and Silence are things i MUST learn.

Kid, sorry for forgetting the exact words you used (which sounded close to me) and for not checking it up (lazy), and for KyuBei's second reason.

everyone, i hereby forbid myself to argue/talk in anything closely resembling politics/Iraq until March 19th. or maybe more.

i have a movie review to do. ta.

David said...

Hi Kyubai, I hope you don't mind if I throw a few cents worth into this discussion.

I have read through the back and forth between The Kid and Anarki. I don't mean to butt in guys, and I don't know anything about some of the specific references that have been made, but I would like to make a few general observations.

Yes, it is true that the world is divided along racial, class, gender, and religious lines (did I forget any others?), but the messages of Gandhi and King are as true today as they were on the days when they were first spoken. The human race really is one big extended family, and we must learn to get along, else we may perish from the Earth. Within myself, I carry the seeds of very diverse branches of the human family tree. Some of my relatives are Jewish, some are Christian, some are European, some are Middle Eastern, and these are just the ones that I know about! I don't call myself any one particular thing, I call myself a human being. I call everyone else that I meet a human being too. I do not have white friends, or black friends, Jewish, Christian, or Muslim friends, I just have friends! They are not all the same, but I care about all of them equally. I hope some day that all the world's people can come closer together. That day may come a little sooner if we make a commitment to put our ideals into practice. I try to do that, I hope that others will also!

aNarki-13 said...

amen :)

The Red Serpent said...

hmmm I'm not really interested in all the Bushido and Seppuko but as I was reading the comments I can only think of three words to say to Konfused Kid: "YOU'RE REALLY CONFUSED"