Saturday, November 18, 2006


We may take years talking about the virtues and how we can apply them in life and what it does feel to be honorable,honest,loyal....or having any of the honorable virtues or even more than one or may be all, but to know what it does mean there is only one way and it is the extreme level of commitment to one or all of the virtues and by extreme I mean holding that commitment in our daily life some may say that is impossible to perform in our current life but I say if a whole class of people (the samurai) has applied and lived by a certain code of honor for hundred of years then why can't we live by it for few days and I don't mean in the same way that they lived (that u have to commit suicide if u dishonor ur self) but at least in a certain respectable level that we might be considered as honorable human-beings and here V-experiment comes in.

V-Experiment is a short for virtues experiment and in that one I tend to experiment the applicability of the seven virtues in the real world, and is the community able to accept whoever lives by such virtues? but in order to do that I need some help as I can experiment on the community in Iraq (and believe me that won't be easy cause lying can be a life saver) but what about other places and communities so I here by announce the initiation of V-experiment for all of the world and for those who r tempted to join me in my experiment u can say so in ur comment and I can only assure one thing that this experiment will be useful to u one way or another u may not realize it now but afterward u'll see the difference in ur personality and the way u see the world around u I know it won't be easy at all but I say it worth the shot, for having new perspective to the world u have to suffer a little and this experiment will manifest the best of u...
The experiment goes like this:We select a virtue and then we try to apply it in our daily life for a brief amount of time and we see from there how things will go, the key is the level of commitment to that virtue and since I've been in the world so I know how hard it will be to be fully committed to that virtue all the time so to ease things up u'll get to have piece of paper in ur pocket and every time u act against that virtue u'll score a point in the paper and in the end of the day u count the points and try the other day to lessen them and so on and u'll get angry some times furious others but u'll be happy when u lessen ur points so it will be an experiment filled with emotions so if u r up to the challenge tell me now and the experiment will be started next week and may God help us all...

P.S. if u r a blogger I will really appreciate if u link to this post even if u r not participating since I'm kinda new blogger so this will be like a big favour to me and thank u in advance.


John Kavelin said...

You're on the right track! I commend to your attention a worldwide initiative that provides empowering strategies to practice virtues in everyday life: The Virtues Project.

It was founded 15 years ago by three family members in British Columbia. Please visit our website:

Domo arigato gozaimasu!

John Kavelin

(Resident of Japan from 2001-2006 and a big fan of the Way of the Warrior known as "Bushido")

David said...
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David said...

Sure, I will try to be a virtuous participant in your experiment. I like to think that I am a virtuous person, but I know that I sometimes have trouble living up to my ideals. Next time I write a post, I'll mention what you are doing (if you are still doing it by then!).

Kyubai said...

John: thank u for ur feelings and thank u for pointing to the Virtue project it is a heart warmer to know that there r such devoted people and I wish for u all the success and for my self in my little experiment...
Do itashimashte Kavelin san.

David:I here by announce that u r the first online participant in my experiment and may God help us both to complete it.
thank u for ur effort in advance

Konfused Kid said...

3mi ya v-experiment ya bateekh...hai inta wen 3ayish...maybe u should go out in the street and preach about that religion, see how many Milita folks would listen...thank god i'm just konfused and not naive. heh heh.

ur pal.

aNarki-13 said...

oooh five comments already..

Great. count me in.
what's the first virtue?

oh and disgruntled kiddo, next time when ur in the local mosque, and the preacher-man (who praises the shahada of Zarqawi) tells you to start being a better muslim, please try, once, from your heart, to tell him the same things you said above.

ur pal.

Konfused Kid said...

i can't do that matey, cuz i will get killed on the spot. i'm konfused, but not stupid. this is a different score from the one i have with you, so don't try to defend other Japan-nerds like urself, so git.

on a completely separate note, it's nice to know that u haven't gone crazy and went back to iraq. don't man, it's hellzone.
Attawie says hi, and hopes u ain't gona crazy with her as u did with me, she thinks u blocked her - as well.


aNarki-13 said...

this has nothing to do with japan, kiddo.
this has to do with making YOURself a better man.

لا يغير الله ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم

هاي هم يابان ان شاء الله؟
بابا انت مو رايح جاي للجامع؟
اي شكو بعد؟

من رأى منكم منكرا فليغيره بيده, فأن لم يستطع فبلسانه, فأن لم يستطع فبقلبه
وذلك اضعف الأيمان

وترة الصفنة بالحايط عمرهه مجابت نتيجة
لازم نبدي من مكان

by the way, going back is crazy, but, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. i have unfinished business pending there.

if you have anything to say to me, you got my email.

sorry KyuBei for this spam-chat.


:: Katrin said...

Hey KyuBei,

just read your comment at Kid's place and couldn't agree more. I mean the sectarian/humanitarian issue.

Sorry for not participating in your experiment - I wonder if women - and mothers in particular - fit into the concept, anyways.

What I like about your and Anarki's approach is that it offers a perspective, and if all people would grab their own nose instead of blaming others, the world would be a better place for sure.

Good luck!

Kyubai said...

Kid:thank u for ur kind words and I kinda agree with u that this is a bit extreme (and I said so in my post) but if we don't have the guts to do the right thing in our life time then why the hell r we living for, it is the mind that differentiate us from animals so if we don't use it to choose between what is right and what is wrong then the world will be just as the jungle Iraq now is, so in order to stop all that I say the hell with it, I'll commit to the virtues even at the cost of my own life...and thank u again for ur comment.
P.S. I intend to reach first the educated comunity that might be found onilne and Offline and then I'll leave it up to the comunity to evolve by itself (if every participant inspired another person and that one inspired anothe and so one, only then I'll say the experiment was a success.

Anarki: thank u for believing in the V-Experiment and here by I announce u to be the second online participant and about ur question I'll post a new post for that reason... and thank u.

Katrin: thank u for ur kind words and if u allow me to say that a mother might be the most suitable participant in the experiment cause she will effect her children and husband I know it will be hard specially in the begining cause meet people like the Kid here that may mock us but the hardest it might get the better u r going to feel in the end.
anyway thank u for ur comment and take care...

Steve said...

I invite you to visit my virtue page at

I have 50 virtues on my page. I took out "loyalty" because there is much mischief done in the name of loyalty. For example, in a war both sides may be loyal to their side but war is not a virtue. Gangs require loyalty but they are not virtuous organizations.
Many conflicts arise out of loyalty to people, organizations or ideals. That's why I urge caution about loyalty to anything but virtue itself.

I added one virtue, lightheartedness, because in the final analysis the universe is a cosmic giggle. Seriousness is often a spiritual disease. Just think about all the evil people do when they get "serious." Lighten up!

The virtues work together. Try and do all 50 at once and see what happens. Humility will be the first thing that happens. Giggle!


Steve Moyer

Kyubai said...

steve: thank u for visiting my blog...
about loyalty it is a tricky virtue but we have to be loyal to what we believe in and so the question is "is what u believe in right or wrong?" and u need the other virtues to answer that.
The virtues u've added is quite interesting but can be included in the main virtues (u may consider lightheartedness included in the virtue of benevolence) any way I'm very impressed with ur site so keep up the good work and God bless u...

my global conscious said...

I came across your post via

Considered it covered on my blog-- one of my greater wishes is for all of us to be our authentic selves by putting humanity first and becoming truly beautiful pepole, and not being afraid to take risks as individuals to defy the tribe's wanting us to just go with the flow-- there are too many pains in this world that needs easing!

Kyubai said...

Welcome to my blog,
I quite agree with u, we need to work on ourselves before starting blaming others and from my experience in Iraq I know that corruption is contagious so why not the same for uprightness so I hope that it will be applied here it might be a dream but it worth the try and may God help us all…

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