Friday, November 24, 2006

Virtue of Choice

Where should we start? that is the question going to be, I thought that we should start with a virtue that is not very complicated and vague a virtue that may be understood and implemented easily so I limited the options to three virtues:

and I've got the approvement of the offline participants and I thought of taking the opinion of the online participants so u may agree or disagree with us and also u can name the most suitable virtue to begin with in ur opinion and to help u decide u may check these virtues in my previous posts or where ever u like .

OK that is all for now I hope that u'll respond quickly and may God help us all...


aNarki-13 said...
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aNarki-13 said...

hmmm.. honesty is kinda hard right off the bat :p
but hey, no one said this would be easy, right? :D (well, in my linker-post i kinda hinted it would be)

anyway, honesty is fine and everything, but my personal favorite would be respect.

so, my vote is for respect!

(heyyy.. why can't everyone pick their choice, and start from whereever they like? :D i never liked linear quests anyway!)
ok, i'll stop spamming, and go to bed, have a looong day tomorrow.. ah.

David said...

I think that respect is a good place to start also. It seems to me that the other two virtues flow out of respect. The hard one for me may be benevolence, depending on how it is defined. I am fine with helping people by donating some of my time, but I am quite a tight wad when it comes to money!

Kyubai said...

Hmmm respect? OK I agree with u both and I have the permission to choose for the other guys since it is among the three options so I guess I'll post another post in the end of the day suggesting how we should do it and I'm extremely flexible for any opinions here...
OK that is all be prepared and may God help us all.