Friday, November 24, 2006

Implementation of Respect (Rei)

After gathering the opinions of all the participants we decided to begin with the virtue of Respect.
For information on this virtue u can find it Here .
And now how to implement this virtue in our daily life I think that it is quite obvious how to be a respectful and in return respectable person the only thing that u have to do is to respect all in life and respect life itself with no exceptions u have to treat everyone and everything respectfully...
Let's say that ur Boss is the ideal as$#@l then how could u respect him? well if u don't respect him for him being ur boss (Out of business courtesy) u may respect him for his accomplishment if not then there has to be some qualities that u may respect him for and even if there isn't u have to respect him for being a human being at least.
How may ur respect be met by others? I assume that at first u may find a rejection by the person u may respect as he may think that u r sucking up to him and others may think the same but I assure u that after a while when people find out that u respect them for nothing in return but respect itself then they'll respect u in return.
So this is our challenge for a whole week we have to respect everyone and everything to the out most starting with ur own self so it doesn't mean that if u respect someone u have to stand still when he disrespects u but u have to respond in the most respectable way.
Any way what ever I say I may never reach the answer the question of how to implement this virtue so I will believe in the nature of the Human being to really reach that answer via experimenting and I'm sure that we -some how- r going to find our way.

So I hereby announce the beginning of V-Experiment on the 25/11/2006 and may God help us all...
P.S. for the online participants u have the total freedom to suggest, argue about any part in this experiment about the how or the time just say so in ur comment and thank u.


David said...

You know, when I think about showing respect, and how I practice it in real life, I do not go out of my way to ingratiate myself to people who are in some sort of socially superior position. What I try to do is to show respect to those who others might look down upon. For example, if someone is serving me food in a restaurant, I try to always be polite to that person and thank them for what they are doing. When I was in college, there was an old black woman who cleaned my dorm. She was invisible to most of the residents of the dorm, but not to me. I learned her name and always said hello to her. She was always happy when she saw me. This is the sort of respect that I like to give to others.

Kyubai said...

I quite agree with u David that is indeed a great example of being respectful to everyone and everything and when I say everything I also mean that kind of respect to the physical objects and even animals for what they represent any way glad to know that my suggestions about the experiment met an acceptance by u and if u have any suggestion plz share them with us and may God help us all...

David said...

Hi Kyubai, I gave a mention to the V-experiment in a note following my new post. So, how is the experiment going for you? I have mostly been following my usual habit of respecting people I encounter at stores where I shop.

Btw, I am glad you mentioned respect for animals and physical objects. I like to show a lot of respect for nature! One way I do this is by recycling part of my trash like paper products, glass, plastic, steel cans, etc.

aNarki-13 said...

ugh.. am finding it a good exercise in self-control..
to be aware of oneself all the time!

its a good thing, i had some problems the first few days, and curious enough, making me aware of my respect of others has made it a bit harder for me to show respect! i feel i'm constantly fighting with myself trying to tame it, because i think it is not only important to SHOW respect, it is to believe in it and feel it..

take care, aibo. stay safe.