Saturday, December 09, 2006

Another week another virtue (Honesty)

Honesty is the virtue we r going to apply this week and we r going to find out is it possible for a normal human being (that is used to casual lying) to keep being honest for a whole week and how it is going to affect us is it a negative effect or a positive one the only sure thing is that I’m going to score big on this one and it is not because I’m a big fat liar (at least not fat) but it is just simply that we r used to tell little white lies in our lives and to quit that it is a challenge.
I remember once a comment by David about honesty in which he said”it can be very difficult to criticize the person you love. Say your girlfriend asks you a question and wants an honest answer. Well, sometimes a completely honest answer may hurt her feelings. So, do you tell the complete truth, or do you hold back part of the truth so she will be happy? ” well I quite agree with him about one thing that we certainly need to be careful about commenting on how a girl look but that definitely doesn’t mean that u have to lie cause not a lot of men has super models as their girlfriends but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t enjoy being with that person and there must be reasons for that, so when a guy is asked to comment about his girlfriend’s looks he doesn’t have to comment on her physical appearance –that is definitely dangerous if u say the wrong answer- so the only thing u have to do is to describe her beauty in ur eyes and why do u love her and forget about the others and in that way u’ll neither be lying nor hurting her (or actually getting hurt urself :)).

So I think that would work on a lot of situations being honest doesn’t mean that u r authorized to hurt people and if u have to tell a hurtful truth do it gently and be honest in ur heart.

Another view for honesty is being honest to ur own self cause if u can’t do that u won’t be able to be honest to anyone so u have to confront ur self with what u like and dislike about ur behavior don’t try to live in denial cause there is only one side for the truth so u have to admit at least to ur self of what is right and what is wrong and I don’t mean that u don’t have to be honest to others but start with ur self.
I know it might be hard to implement honesty but the idea of the possibility of an honest world is quite delightful a world that u may not fear to be cheated a world when there is no need to double check more than a source of information, I know that it might be my wildest dream but what r we without dreaming and may God help us all…

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David said...

Well, I don't have to worry about hurtful truths with respect to a girlfriend, as I am currently without one. I have a few girls who are my friends though. ;)

Ah, you have touched on the heart of the matter, I think. If we can't be honest with ourselves, we have no hope of being honest with anyone else!

my global conscious said...

i see honesty kike any other virtue or larger endeavor-- it must be handled with respect to its power and with great responsibility in how it is applied.

the trick to honesty (my thoughts) is that it is how we apply it with our words and our communication-- and that takes knowing the people around you and putting them first when we word our honesty.

and i agree, unitl we are honest with ourselves, it is a challenge to be honest with others. yet i think as long as we understand and accept that it is a proce3ss, that we will never be complete with it and it is a lifelong journey, being honest with ourselves and those around us will become easier to do.

Kyubai said...

David: Well sorry to hear that u r currently without a girlfriend but who am I to be talking the same goes with me but I don't worry about that at least for the time being...:D
it is quite true that if we r unable to be honest to ourselves then no way that we'll be able to be honest to other people

Kyubai said...

my global conscious

I agree with u and I've said that in my post speaking honesty doesn't give us the right to hurt people in the name of honesty.