Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sorry for the delay

Due to the fact that I had a crappy week I was unable to get online so in order to get back on schedule for V-experiment I suggest that we may take these few days to review the last week so that we may continue next week with the second virtue if that is OK with everyone...
Well about my week it started normally and since the first few days there were no difference in my life style -since I was locked up at home due to the ultra violent environment- and since at home I'm only surrounded by my family that I hold respect for them normally-well I could say that I've lessen the teasing for my little sister-but there was some points that were scored against me due to the fact that I was sitting in front of the TV and I passed through some TV programs or video clips that I do not approve so I was unable to hold my tongue and I feel sorry for that and here is a record for the points for the first days
Sunday 15
Monday 9
Tuesday 16 (I know it is disrespectful to increase my points here)
Wednesday 5
Thursday 2
Friday 3

So as u may see I've tried to improve but on Thursday I met with some friends and tried to hold my tongue but it is sometimes hard to be respectful against some people I know that I should be respectful even for my enemies but I think it is OK for a respectable enemy but against terrorists well I can't stand but cursing and that is definitely not respectful thing to do...
Now we reach the juicy stuff on this week on Sunday I went to college and it was all going just fine-except for few points I scored for checking some girls' figures- till it was time to go back so I got a ride in my friend's car and it was OK till we started talking about some girls in our college and one thing led to another and I scored at least 50 or something I don't know what happened to me was it because I feared that if I didn't participate in the conversation I would be looked down at or may be I just wanted to look COOL- As if insulting people and laughing at their account is COOL although that they may be dressed or behave disrespectfully- well when I got back to my place I felt very bad because I was unable to behave my self but u know what I guess that is what the experiment all about.
In summary I've reached a conclusion that respect is a very deep a virtue since I noticed that everything is related to respect cause u can't lie if u respect ur self and respect the person u r lying to, u can't cheat if u respect ur self and do u want to know an extreme level of respect it is that u can't eat what is bad to ur body - like junk food and such stuff- if u respect ur self and ur body so it is all about respect


David said...

Sorry to hear of your crappy week, but I can imagine that most residents of Baghdad had a crappy week also.

I think you may be too hard on yourself! Some of these things you mention I wouldn't call disrespectful. Regarding checking a girl's figure, I think that most girls would be happy to know that they are being noticed! :) It would certainly be disrespectful if you walked up to the girl and patted her with your hand (there is a lot of this kind of behavior in the U.S.!), but you have harmed no one by enjoying the view.

I agree with you that respect is a very deep virtue that is related to many other things. Perhaps it could be called a Cardinal Virtue, meaning that it is very important.

Kyubai said...

Thank u for ur kind words...
I know that I'm being hard on myself but I have to cause if I got easy I'll lose respect to the whole experiment anyway thank u for ur support.
well now it has been another week so I would have to ask u for ur suggestion for the virtue of the next week so if u may say ur opinion in a comment I'll be very grateful and thank u again for ur support...

aNarki-13 said...

ugh... i posted here but blogger swallowed it.. did you get it Kyubei or it was lost forever?

anyway, it was about MY week..

oh, i think honesty should be next!

in a nutshell, i found that respect and self-confidence are closely related!
thank you KyuBei, will post bout my week on mine own blog..

David said...

I guess that I didn't really give a report about my week of respect. All the strangers that I interacted with were treated with respect by me. I did check out a few girls, but I did it respectfully. ;) Usually, the only respect problems that I have come from having a bit of a short temper. I did kind of snap at someone I am very close to with a few hurtful words. I regretted it and tried my best to smooth things over.

Regarding the next virtue, honesty is a good one, but it is too easy for me. I am completely honest. Yesterday, a sales person tryed to charge me half price for an item by mistake. I could have saved ten dollars, but I pointed out the mistake and paid the full price. The sales person looked a bit embarassed, but she was happy that I was honest. :)