Friday, December 15, 2006

Week review “Honesty”

Surprisingly the implementation of honesty in our real world is not that hard at all and the results were splendid so I have concluded that the reason of that is that when we lie –no matter how we r used to it- we know all the time that we r lying and part of us is urging us not to and that good lies needs more times to think them over so I used that as an indicator when I’m about to lie and it worked just fine and the score is much less than that of respect cause I always knew when I’m about to lie and stopped it right then.

To be completely honest I did lied on Wednesday about a question that was a bit personal from a not very close friend so I didn’t want to share to much info with him but I tried at first to give a vague answer but he wasn’t satisfied so I was obliged to lie to him, I’m not very proud of that but it has to be done that way.
The conclusion that I came up with about honesty is that we can be honest if we want to be so it will only be hard for us in the times we r used to tell lies but that should be an indicator for us to reconsider why we r lying since it has to be something wrong either with us or in the situation that we put ourselves in so it has to be changed and that will be the key to be honest with ur self before being honest to others u should know why u r lying and what r the consequences of ur lies and how to fix that all…and may God help us all.


aNarki-13 said...

Hello KyuBei!
believe me i am still in this experiment, and noting myself everyday for everything i do.. but, somehow, i just dont feel like posting about it on my blog.
it is exactly as you said, being totally honest is easy (unless you are a lawyer or a salesman) and it was much easier than respect..

you asked, here is my choice:
next: Courage.

i hope i'm in the majority! :D

take care please, aibo, stay safe.

David said...

Kyubai, you bring up a good point about people you don't know well asking nosy questions! On occasions like this maybe lying is justified. I have told a few lies to people like this also. Still, I don't like to lie and I try not to. These days, I am more likely to deliberately change the subject rather than answer a nosy question with a lie. I think this says very loudly that the question should never have been asked!

aNarki-13 said...

yeah.. i'd change the subject too :)
i wish i had the guts to tell him/her to their faces (mind your own, chum!)
thats why i voted for courage next!

this is the 5th time i try to post this.. blogger eating my comment.. ARGH.. for every failed attempt i will iterate+1.
i am more stubborn than any net failure.

aNarki-13 said...


my global conscious said...

you were put in a bind.. and we are all challenged with this.

part of it (could) be that the person with whom we are speaking, from possibly of selfish motivation, just want to satisfy their own curiosity regardless of the consequences of sharing the info, and regardless of how we squirm in front of them with the non verbal signal of *please do not keep asking, i will have to resort to telling an untruth*

it is hard, especially with people we are close (which is wierd, for hte people who love us and with whom we are close should not judge nor reject us for putting our foot down) to say to them *please stop asking, i will not share this, i cannot share this).

it is very possible that maybe we need to practice being vulnerable by the act of simply saying *please do not inquire further*.

Kyubai said...

Sorry for the delay but my internet line went dead and I can't go out in a search for a. internet cafe but I'll fix things up soon and thank u all for ur comments...

David said...

I hope you come back soon! :)